* October 12th, 2017

Excellent pleading against xenophobia, Holocaust Day in Suceava

Two prestigious cultural institutions in Suceava County, the History Museum and the Bucovina Libraries in Suceava, organized on October 9, 2017, events that marked Holocaust Day in Romania (the date when, in 1941, forced deportation began of the Jewish population of Bessarabia and Bucovina).
Students, teachers, citizens participated, including members of the EDIC "Bucovina" from Suceava. Much interest was enjoyed: visit to The GAH Synagogue (founded in Suceava in 1870), watching the documentary about the Romanian Holocaust (which reveals the dramatic testimonies about the events in Iasi,Dorohoi and Bucharest, producer Carmen Avram) and the conference-debate "There is anti-Semitism and negationism in Suceava "(supported by writer Angela Furtuna, testimonies about the tragedy in the works of the artists from Suceava, Norman Manea and Arnold Daghani).The thematic book and documents exhibition was varnished.
Events have conveyed, beyond the honor of all victims of totalitarian regimes, the message of ethnic harmony and peaceful multicultural coexistence specific to historical Suceava.

* October 3rd, 2017

The GEC Bucovina Association participated in the transnational meeting "New structures, examples of governance and challenges for cities in energy transition"

The GEC Bucovina Suceava Association participated on September 27, 2017, at the trans-national meeting organized under the project "MOLOC (Low carbon urban morphology) - New structures, examples of governance and challenges for cities in energy transition".
The objective of the project is to develop a set of recommendations and actions so that the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is not limited to providing examples of good practice but identifying solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in urban planning. Consideration is being given to identifying new viable measures for local authorities in implementing carbon leakage measures. It is desirable to define a low-carbon city model.
Representatives of the partner cities participated in the project: Suceava, Lille City Council (France, Lead Partner), Turin (Italy), Hamburg (Germany), Central Mining Institute (Poland) and European Association of Local Authorities.

* September, 7th 2015
In August 30 until September 1, Munteanu Cristina attended to NGO Workshop to Improve the Understanding of Eu Environmental Policies and NGO’s Possibilities to Get Involved which took place in Tulcea, in the Danube Delta. [ ... more ... ]

* July, 27th 2015
The final national breakdown of people who took action through the Nature Alert: here.

* July, 23th 2015
EU 2010 biodiversity baseline - adapted to the Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES) typology (2015) here.

* May, 22th 2015
Nature Alert Launch of by SOR International, WWF and EEB, it can be viewed / downloaded here.

* January, 15th 2015
Bucovina's Trees Project. "
Thanks to the special success and to the request of schools that are in the localities of rare species, it was resumed in the year of 2005, being financed through the oraganizations own funds and donations. (2%)

Blue Bucovina Project. "
Through the implementation of other projects the inccorect status of the surface water quality was noted. This is the reason why the organization initiated in the year 2015 Blue Bucovina, being financed through the oraganizations own funds and donations. (2%)

* September, 30th 2014
Greetings EEB,
We wish you a happy 40th anniversary and may this year be a launchpad for the future.

* July, 18th 2010
GEC Bucovina launch on Saturday, July 23, 2011, the Think Green project - Models of Application for the Local Agenda 21 in the Romania - Ukraine - Republic of Moldova cross-border context [ ... more ... ]

* May, 15th 2009
Denis Felmlee, member of "Peace Corps" gives a party for the end of the 2 years for which was distributed in Romania at the GEC Bucovina Association [ ... msore ... ]

* May, 13th 2009
GEC Bucovina Association attended at the program activities held in the educational partnership organized by School with classes I-VIII Voitinel in collaboration with School with classes I-VIII Nr. I "Iulian Vesper" Horodnic de Sus with the theme "Welcome to our village." The program consisted in visiting the School with classes I-VIII Voitinel, School with classes I-VIII Nr. I "Iulian Vesper" Horodnic de Sus, City Hall, Mushroom , the Museum of Mr. Ianus Emil. [ ... more ... ]

* May, 08th 2009
The ECOREG project team has met today, 8'th May, at the Environmental Protection Agency Suceava to meet the British Ambassador in Romania, Mr. Robin Barnett, where one of the items on his agenda for the visit to Romania was the meeting with the project team ECOREG funded by the LIFE + of EU. [ ... more ... ]

GEC Bucovina Association attended the symposium dedicated to the day of Europe, organized by Prefecture Institution of Suceava .

* May, 06th 2009
The Ecological Group for Co-operation GEC Bucovina publishes the invitation for the first Industrial Symbiosis workshop organized in the framework of the ECOREG project, funded by LIFE+ of UE, which will take place on 20'th May 2009, 08:30 AM, at Continental Hotel, Suceava [ ... more ... ]

The Ecological Group for Co-operation GEC Bucovina publishes the invitation for the Work Meeting of the Suport Group of the ECOREG Project which will take place on 21'th May at the Environmental Protection Agency - Suceava [ ... more ... ]

In the perid of 5th-6th May 2009, our colegue Alina Nichifor participated at EEB Seminar “Let’s get involved”, organized by Focus Eco Center and the Center for Ecological Consultancy of Galaţi, with the participation of European Environmental Bureau (EEB). [ ... mai mult ... ]

* April, 24th 2009
GEC Bucovina Association participated in an environmental action on "S.O.S. Nature" organized by School Nr. 1 with classes I-VIII Voitinel with the participation of students from the School of Horodnicul de Sus, Suceava County [ ... more ... ]

* April, 09th 2009

  ECOREG project team vizited today 4 focal points from Suceava city [ ... mai mult ... ]
  INBO and GWP publish the Handbook on Integrated Water Resources Management in Basins[ ... mai mult ... ]

* April, 08th 2009
Today, April 8, GEC volunteers participated along with about 150 students from a school with classes I-VIII of Ipotesti in the action of greening of the Ipoesti park [ ... mai mult ... ]

* April, 07th 2009
Mr. Stavros Dimas urges EU states to consult on water plans [ ... more ... ]

* March, 2009

EEB News:

Launch of the “Cool Products for a Cool Planet” campaign[ ... more ... ]

Position paper on Biowaste Green Paper finalized![ ... more ... ]

Will the soil directive fall victim to the crisis? [ ... more ... ]

Extending the list of pollutants for phase out under the Water Framework Directive [ ... more ... ]

Chemicals - REACH [ ... more ... ]

Semaine sans pesticides – week without pesticides[ ... more ... ]

Zero Mercury Campaign[ ... more ... ]

* March, 11th 2009
Ecological Group of Collaboration GEC Bucovina participated in planting trees on the northwest side in Suceava city [ ... more ... ]

* March, 02th 2009
The European Commission held a meeting in Budapest in the scope of regional training of Life+ on technical aspects of projects and requirements of the European Commission needed to evaluate them. [ ... more ... ]

* February, 26th 2009
In the Small Hall of the House of Culture Suceava, it was held a introductory seminar for the LIFE project LIFE07 ENV/RO/000690, entitled "Applying the principles of the industrial ecosystems for the regional development - ECOREG. [ ... more ... ]

* February, 25th 2009
AD: Following the visit of Prime Minister Emil Boc and Regional Development Minister and Housing, Vasile Blaga on 26 February 2009 in Suceava, conference room "Stefan cel Mare" of the Administrative Palace - established business location Introductory Project Seminar ECOREG - has been rescheduled for the meeting of government officials with local authorities.
Becouse of this situation of wich we are independent, introductory seminar on 26 February 2009 will take place in the small hall of the House of Culture Suceava.

* February, 24th 2009
RELEASE: Organization of environmentalist GEC Bucovina Suceava is a member of the implementation team of one of the 4 Life + projects funded in 2008 in Romania by the European Commission.
[ ... more ... ]

*February, 23th 2009
The Ecological Group for Co-operation GEC Bucovina publishes the anual activity report of the association.
[ ... more ... ]

* September, 28th, 2008
Saturday, the 27th of September, 2008, took place, at Cernăuţi, Debate Session of the Good Practice Guide for the preventing and reduction of the water pollution with nutrients caming from incorect agro-zootechnical activities...
[ ... more ... ]

* August, 11th, 2008
The EEB Handbook Guidelines for implementation of the Environmental Liability Directive had been published in the EEB Anouncements section.

* June, 25th. 2008
wednesday, the 25th of june, 2008, has took place the informative-consultative session at Gălăneşti, organized by The Association Ecological Group for Co-operation Bucovina and Gălăneşti Mayor Institution, in the frame of „Clean water” project which is under development in the frame of Phare CBC 2005 Romanian - Ukrain Neighboor Program.
[ ... event images ... ] [ ... more ... ] [ ... project's page... ]

* May, 19th to 30th, 2008 - actions in the range of Water Framework Directive
The organization participated in actions carried out on the range regarding Suceava County environmental protection. Within the national awareness campaign have been distributed informational leaflets referring to the Water Framework Directive and the process of environmental assessment for plans and programs. The action was joined ecologist volunteers.
[event images]

* March, 31th, 2008 - EGC Communicate
The great cartoonist Aleksandar Blatnik, has informed us, through the email that the fight for an healthier environment is going on with the help of visual arts. A new cartoon contest with theme: "Forest is health" will take place in Serbia. For further informations please contact:
More about this on our website [ ... here ... ]

* March, 17th, 2008, EGC Communicate
Ecological Group for Co-opreation, as an ecologist association, has express its appreciations for the way how was organised by NCPM (National Centre for Programme Management), the national auctions for for financial sustain of scientiefic research activities, as specific the limited requests refering to the paper documents needed fewer copies, and so on.
Ecological Group for Co-operation had sugest to the all co-ordinators, monitors and to the units that implement and develop projects, to follow the example of the NCPM as a good exercise for an easier management of projects. In the same way the reduction of paper waisted for the documentation means a healtier environment, pionired by the NCPM, the Education and Research Ministery.

* February, 21th-23th, 2008

EGC members had participated at the third information meeting, of the project "Air quality on the nearby area of the Romanian and Ukrainean common border", beeing ivited by the co-ordinator of the project from Stefan cel Mare University side, conf. univ. dr. eng. Corneliu Octavian Turcu. This session has took part into the Dimitrie Leonida University amphytheatre with participation of the Ukrainean partners.

* February, 21th, 2008
The countryside Development National Program has been approved on Brusseles, has been informed the Agriculture Minestery. So, in March, will be launched the firsts lines of financiar help for agriculture revironment and for public alimentation health. The CDNP aproval had come from the Country Side Development Comitte, which is a institution structure from European Commission. Romania will recive from European Union a first amount of money of 3.5% from the total amount of money, in value of 8 billions Euro, for the firsts projects.
source [ Ioana Morovan -, / through European Information Multipliers Network]
[ ... more ... ]

* 15 Decembrie 2007
The Ecological Group for Cooperation GEC Bucovina implements the project Clean water during October 18th 2007 - October 17th 2008 through the neibourghood programme Romania-Ukraine, PHARE CBC 2005 - 3rd priority: "People to people", number RO 2005/017-539.01.02.21.

* 15 Decembrie 2007
The Ecological Group for Cooperation GEC Bucovina implements the project Amfiteatrul dezvoltării durabile transfrontaliere româno-ucrainene during December 1st 2007 - November 30th 2008 through the neibourghood programme Romania-Ukraine, PHARE CBC 2005 - 2nd priority: "Developing Cross Border Integrated Infrastructure Systems ", number RO 2005/017-539.01.01.28.

* November 28, 2007
The Ecological Group for Cooperation GEC Bucovina organized the final event for the project The Ecologist Caravan "Green Week ", writing the text "PHARE CBC RO UA" with human bodies on the esplanade of The Cultural House of Suceava. Atention! The file is large (154 MB) and according to your internet connection speed the download procedure may take a few minutes.
[ download the movie of the event ]

* May 23, 2007
The Ecological Group for Co-operation – GEC Bucovina organizes during 2007, May 23 – 30, in Cernauti, Ukraine, the "Ecologist Caravan – THE GREEN WEEK" manifestations, with the SPRING season subject
. [ ... more ... ]

* May 21, 2007
Nature conservation organisations across Europe are today celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the Habitats Directive: the EU’s most important legal tool for conserving biodiversity
. [ ... more ... ]

* May 4, 2007
During the 7th and the 13th of May 2007 Bucharest’s InfoEUROPA Centre (Calea Victoriei, nr. 88, sector 1) is hosting the 100% International Ecological Cartoon Contest, organized by Suceava’s GEC Bucovina non-governmental organization.
[ ... more ... ]

* April 25, 2007
European values for youth living in the near border area, Opinion request.
[...results...][...document...][...project info...]

* April 11, 2007
100 Natural, Ecologist Cartoon Contest, 2006 Edition, The list of prizes and their amount.
[ ... more ... ]

* March 24 - 31, 2007
Events series, workshops, actions, organised for the GREEN Week, from Ecologist Caravan project, near-border co-operation between romanian and ukrainean comunities, on environment protection issues.
[ ... more ... ]

* March 14, 2007
On 9 and 10 of March, 2007 Ecological Group for Co-operation - ECG Bucovina organised the March, 2007 edition of the EcoForum event, Suceava.
The manifestation gathered new high value, research articles. The best 10 of them was awarded with diplomas. The event schedule, fotos, used materials, press releases are detailed on the link. [ ... more ... ]

* February 21, 2007

The winter themed The Ecologist Caravan ”The Green Week” event is scheduled to take place during the week of 24 - 30 March 2007, when meetings between our Ukrainian partners and the youth from the localities of Suceava, Radauti, Vicovu de Sus, Galanesti and Bilca will take place. A showing of our ecological caricature exposition and the EcoForum manifestation will be organized on the 9 th and the 10 th of March starting at 11 o’clock in Suceava’s House of Culture Small Hall. [ ... more ... ]

* February 20, 2007
A special event for young people will take place on 25 March in the city of Radauti, Romania. The event commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and will take place in the events hall of the Radauti Council. [ ... more ... ]

* February 12, 2007
Jury members comments, Top 10 of contest works
[ ... more ... ]

* February 1, 2007
Final ranking of the "100% Natural" International Ecological Cartoon Contest
[ ... more ... ]

* January 18, 2007
Workshop and Press conference related to The Ecologist Caravan ”The Green Week” project [ ... more ... ]


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